Spotlight Series | Downtown Fullerton, California

Welcome to our newest series!

The Spotlight Series will be all about showcasing our weekly adventures. From our local hangouts to the newest discoveries, we will be sharing all California has to offer. In our inaugural post, we will be discussing the area of Downtown Fullerton, California.

Downtown Fullerton

One of the largest cities in Orange County, Fullerton is home to a lively downtown area and historical district. Only about 5 minutes from the Disneyland Resort, Downtown Fullerton is a bustling area chock full of eclectic shops and delicious restaurants. Being such an interesting area, Downtown Fullerton feels as if it’s a city all on its own.

Being that it is one of our favorite areas to spend our free time, it was the perfect city to kick off this brand new series.

Are there any cool shops in Downtown Fullerton?

Arielle: There are so many great shops in Fullerton’s downtown area. From cute boutiques to awesome thrift stores bursting at the seams, there are so many treasures to be found. I love one shop in particular because it’s probably one of the coolest thrift stores I’ve ever been in. Black Hole Records is a funky store that’s half records and half vintage clothing. One look around this store and you can’t help but want to try on all the funky clothes and accessories. Definitely the MUST SEE store in the area.

Bree: One of my new favorite places to go is Furry Belly Deli. From the name you may think that this is your average deli, but it’s really a deli for your four legged friend! Furry Belly Deli provides dogs and cats with handcrafted treats that are safe for their sensitive tummies. Walk in to find a deli case full of cakes, brownies, even cookies for your BFF (Best Furry Friend). They also have organic packaged food, treats, and toys to get your furry friend’s tail wagging. Stick around long enough and you may make friends with the resident pooches! Something for everyone to enjoy.

Where do you like to eat?

Bree: Ever thought that you could have authentic Napoletana in the heart of Orange County? well look no further than Fuoco Pizzeria Napoletana. Delicious, wood-oven cooked pies with toppings that are far beyond the scope of any neighborhood pizza joint. My go-to pie is the “Quattro Stagioni” topped with hearty Italian  sausage, red and yellow peppers. This pizza is literally drool worthy. It also helps that they have a fully stocked wine bar, the perfect pairing to your meal Did I mention they serve Nutella tiramisu and cannoli? Buon appetito!

Here’s an insider tip: Fuoco doesn’t serve their pies “family style” so don’t expect any slices. These pies are meant to be eaten with a knife and fork!

Arielle: I do love pizza, but when I’m in Downtown Fullerton I’m all about J’s K-Pop Chicken. Serving up a Southern California spin on Korean fusion dishes and delicious hot wings. On my last visit I tried their “Super Fries” and they had me saying Oh My Gawd. Fresh, crisp shoestring French fries. Topped with bulgolgi, cheese, and a fried egg. The Sweet marinade of the bulgolgi mixed in with the richness of the egg yolk and the saltiness of the fries. On the side, they give you J’s sauce (which is a secret recipe) that has a spicy tanginess that just sends the flavor over the top. Well priced at ~ $11 for a portion big enough to share with 3 other people. 

Here’s a tip: If you are with a group, order a little of everything and share. The portions are large and you will find yourself wanting to try it all!

Best place to spend a couple hours?

Bree: I would have to go with Slide Bar. Filled with live music and 3 different bars, Slide bar is the place to visit for a night out (and sometimes even brunch!). It’s usually a nice comfortable place to get a quick drink, but you never know what to expect walking in here any night of the week. And let’s not forget to mention that the food isn’t too shabby either! From eclectic acts drawing equally eccentric crowds (cosplay night anyone?) to some of the better music acts that tour the bar scene in Orange county, you get a little bit of everything at this funky little bar.

Arielle: To be honest I just love exploring the area! What may look like one street lined with shops and restaurants actually gives way to much more. There are lots of little side streets and back alleys that have tons more shops and things to do. On our last trip we discovered a new coffee shop that we had never heard of playing live music and even an escape room experience that we are planning to try out in the future. I would say make your way out to Downtown Fullerton and let the city open itself up to you, there is so much more than what meets the eye.  


Do you know of a city in Southern California that we should explore? Does your town not get enough credit for how great it is? Let us know down below! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @BreeandArielleTravel to see more of our adventures.


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