Gadgets and Gizmos Galore | A Look at Our Blogging Gear

There are affiliate links in the article below. If you use our links it will not cost you extra, it just helps us to afford our adventures. All of these items are actual items we use for the creation of our blog, we would never promote or advertise items that we do not use ourselves.

Have you ever wondered what bloggers use when they are out in the field? Do you think that it takes top of the line equipment to become a blogger? Well we were in that position not too long ago, and you definitely don’t need a to throw done heaps of cash to create awesome content.

Gizmos and Gadgets Galore | A Look at our Blogging Gear

When we began Bree and Arielle Travel back in December of 2016, we initially wanted to only be on youtube. After a few failed attempts at vlogging, we decided maybe writing a blog was more our speed. Blogging soon began our primary method of getting our new brand out there, and we began investing more time and money into it. Being the budget conscious women we are, we wanted to make sure that all of gear was well made and easy on our wallets.

Keep on reading to see what blogging gear we use, and we even have found some discount codes to help you save money if anything catches your eye!

Our Essential Blogging Gear

Camera: Nikon COOLPIX P520

Nikon P520 Camera
Our trusty Nikon P520

Even though we use an older model Nikon, it does a great job and has yet to let us down. Since it is a point and shoot camera, it is exceptionally easy to use right out of the box. After learning how to use the manual settings, I have been able to get very high quality pictures, but it comes with many preset options. If you are just getting out there, larger point and shoot cameras are a great investment without the DSLR price tag. Click here to take a look at our camera.

Tripod: AmazonBasics 50-inch Lightweight Tripod

AmazonBasics 50 inch tripod
AmazonBasics 50 inch Tripod

We are very budget conscious when it comes to our gear. So when we decided that a tripod was going to be a necessity, we wanted to get the best bang for our money. This tripod showed up as a “deal of the day” and was only $10! With over 6,000 reviews and nearly a five star review, we knew it was just what we were looking for. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and we honestly take it everywhere with us. It’s especially handy to take those steady, precise shots.  Click here to take a closer look.

Computers: MacBook Air

MacBook Air 13.3

Inspiration can come quickly and from anywhere, especially while on the road. While writing by hand is an option, having your laptop ready is an asset. Since we also design our own graphics, many programs that are available to us are not mobile friendly (ie. Canva and photoshop). So using our phone or tablet while traveling is not always an option when trying to meet a deadline. Any computer is good enough to blog on, this just so happens to be the computer that I already owned prior to beginning Bree and Arielle Travel. It’s lightweight, easily portable, and really keeps up with anything that I can throw at it.

Cell Phones: LG V10 and iPhone 7

Blogging Gear: Our phones
Iphone 6s Plus & LG V10

Our phones play such a big part in the content creation for our blog. We depend on them to run our social media, live broadcasting, and even photos when we don’t have our camera handy. Learn to use the manual settings for your camera or even download apps like VSCO camera if you don’t own an actual camera. Most smartphones take awesome pictures that you may not even need a camera for your blog.

Our Gadgets and Gizmos

Selfie Ring Light

Arkon Mounts Selfie Ring Light
Arkon Mounts Rechargeable Selfie Ring Light

Not just for taking great selfies! Our selfie ring light from Arkon Mounts is such a handy tool to use when we live stream or when we are having lighting difficulties for pictures (especially flat lays!). After meeting the VP of sales and marketing for Arkon, we just fell in love with the company and their products. For only $15 this is a gadget that can make your productions look better without a huge price tag. Did I mention that it’s rechargeable and has a 2 year warranty? I found a discount code for you guys too! Use code PERISCOPE at check out for an extra 20% off your purchase, click here to check it out!

Dual Broadcaster Tripod Mount

Tripod Mount
Arkon Dual Broadcaster Tripod Mount

This is another Arkon Mounts product and it has been a game changer for us! Live broadcasting is becoming an awesome method of engaging with your followers. We chose to purchase a mount that attaches to our tripod for easier portability that holds a phone and a tablet. It has been such an awesome purchase that we are looking to expand our collection of Arkon gear! Click here to take a look for yourself.

Lapel Microphones

Lapel Miss
Neewer Lapel Microphones

Even though our phones produce great quality audio, we love using our lapel microphones for interviews. Especially in loud and crowded areas, these little microphones are an asset. They help ensure very little editing has to be done to our audio, and help with any voice over work we may decide to do. We use Neewer lapel microphones that only cost us $7 on Amazon, and they have made our videos so much better. Little investments like this really add up over time and have such a positive affect on your production quality.



Being a blogger takes a lot of commitment and time, but it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. If you want to blog, just blog. Having something to say is what really makes you a blogger, not all the fancy gadgets.

Hope everyone enjoyed this article, if you have any suggestions of new blogging gear that we should pick up, drop us a comment.

See ya next time, and remember Anyone can travel.



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