A Sobering Look at Las Vegas Night Clubs

The Las Vegas Night Club. Exclusive. Opulent. Sensual. Anything can happen within these walls when you lose yourself to the music and indulge in your deepest desires.

Omnia Las Vegas

Well… That’s what they promote.

However in my personal experience I have found that these grandiose, over-hyped, overcrowded nightclubs are anything but the image they try to portray. With the EDM scene thriving in Las Vegas, these mega clubs have become havens for the younger generation looking to have a good time. All the while, owners just continue raking in money peddling the idea of a night you will never forget (or remember, if that’s your thing).

You are probably thinking that I am obviously a club hating prude who has no sense as to what is fun anymore, but I would like to stop you there and let you in on something personal. I love EDM and house music. I love to dance and I really have enjoyed the Las Vegas club scene as I have come into my later 20’s. Which means I have expectations for the amount of money that I am paying for these experiences.

What I don’t expect, is the feeling of degradation upon entering an establishment that I paid money to enjoy. I don’t enjoy the unsettling feeling that I am safer at an underground rave, than a nightclub dripping in security cameras and personnel. Leading me to describe a recent, disturbing experience at Omnia nightclub that left me feeling violated, sickened, and scared.

If You Ever Wondered How A Sausage Must Feel…

Being forced through a choke point in a walkway that reminded me more of depictions of the showers at Auschwitz than a nightclub. Having what felt like a million hands on me all reaching into my pockets and trying to forcibly shove themselves into my modest (for Vegas club standards) top with the intent rob me of my possessions. The sights of seeing other girls crying because they were roughly groped by a faceless man the crowd. Knowing that there is no knight in shining armor coming to save you, he’s busy at the bar.  The lingering feeling of just disgust that makes you want to burn the outfit your wearing, because it just reeks of shame, cigarettes, and Drakkar Noir.

You Have To Pay More For That

Trying to shake it off and just chalk it up to inadequate staffing lead me to head to the nearest employee in hopes that the situation could be remedied. Instead I was greeted with these gems: “It’s not even busy in here yet… If you don’t like it, the doors are right over there”. And my personal favorite “you should have paid for a table”. WOW… just wow. I didn’t realize when I bought my ticket to see Zedd that night that I didn’t pay quite enough to not have to experience attempted robbery and sexual assault. My bad… next time I will make sure to read the fine print on the tickets.

My own experience aside, has being treated poorly by an establishment become acceptable in exchange for them allowing you inside? Has the perceived notion of exclusivity led us to believe that this is supposed to be normal? Let me just shatter these notions of exclusivity for Las Vegas clubs, everyone gets in. Sorry to burst your bubble, but the velvet rope is just an illusion. A clever marketing scheme for the 21st birthdays and the people with more money than sense.

Just Hand Over Your Wallet At This Point

They want your money, and if you are willing to fork over the $40 for entry and the $30 per drink, they are not going to turn you away. It’s once they stop making money off of you that you are no longer welcome in their venue.

It’s the myth of exclusivity that allows these venues to charge $5000 for a “VIP” table and the $400 bottle of crappy vodka. With the threat that you either keep buying bottles or be unceremoniously ejected before the main act goes on. Why? Because there is someone at the door wanting a table and willing to pay double for it. They already got your money, and now you are no longer a priority in the eyes of management.

It’s pay to play in the city of sin and these mega clubs are banking on the fact that there is always going to someone more eager to get through the door, with a bigger bank roll to take your place.

Yeah, But This Won’t Stop The Crowds From Flocking.

I can understand that nightclubs in Las Vegas are very alluring and everyone should experience them once. So I would like to leave you with some words of wisdom for taking on the Las Vegas club scene.

-Be smart about what you wear ladies. That romper might be cute, but will you be able to undress yourself to use the ladies room after a few cocktails?
-Don’t leave anything in your pockets. You can kiss your phone goodbye if you leave it in your back pocket.
-Check yelp and Facebook for reviews about the club. Save yourself some grief by learning from other people’s bad experiences.
-Get there before midnight, especially if it’s a popular DJ. By midnight everyone has already hit up other clubs and are there for the main event. Lines will be long and prices will go up if you aren’t on any guest lists.

Be safe out there fellow travelers. Remember anyone can travel, but a smart traveler makes it home.



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