Our Fabulous Time at Vegas Food Expo 2017

Vegas Food Expo 2017

Food and travel go hand in hand. Especially in Las Vegas, food is easily the highlight of your visit. From the opulent all you can eat buffets, to decadent fine dining experiences, this city is a haven for foodies.

So when we met the organizers for Vegas Food Expo 2017, we became intrigued by the idea of a food show for small, emerging food producers. Being a small and emerging blog, we felt like this was just the event for us. Color us surprised after an email about buying tickets lead us to the opportunity to be media for the expo!

Why are two travel bloggers at a food show?

Arielle: Have you not seen our Instagram?? We love to eat! Seriously though, whether we realize it or not, most of our decisions were make while travel revolve around food. Food is the universal language we all speak, and so this seemed like a great opportunity to learn more about the food industry.

Bree: Well everyone needs to eat!  We wanted to explore what is new in the food industry. It is something that interest both Arielle and myself so why not go to an expo that showcases all the new items potentially hitting the Las Vegas food scene. 

What was the best thing you ate?

Overall Favorites From Vegas Food Expo 2017

Arielle: Billy Goat Chips. Hands down. I loved the taste of these chips and the fact that they were completely hand crafted. They have the BEST sweet potato chips I have ever tasted. Most sweet potato chips are very tough to chew and have an odd texture about them, but these were amazing. Crispy, with just the right amount of sweetness and a bit of cumin in their seasoning. Just amazeballs! It was their spicy, bold flavor “Kicker” that really set them apart for me. “Kicker” chips are savory, sweet, and spicy all rolled in to one crinkle cut chip. Click here if you want to head over and order some for yourself.

Bree: Bow Beas Gluten Free Products. They were amazing! If you follow us on social media I know you’re probably thinking “Bree you love bread! Gluten free bread tastes awful! Why do you like this stuff so much?” Well the simple answer is, it was delicious! You couldn’t tell that the product was gluten free. That was the idea behind creating this wonderful line of desserts. Owner and amazing chef Debbie Tartarini wanted to create delicious treats for her son and husband, while still considering their gluten intolerance. You can find all of their amazing products here

What was the most unexpected thing that you enjoyed?

Vegas Food Expo 2017

Arielle: I really enjoyed Tepa Burger, an alternative protein made primarily out of tepary beans.  It is actually kind of amazing that these “sausage” tacos tasted great without containing any: meat, soy, gluten, nuts, wheat or gmos. This product is not available in grocery stores, but there are quite a few restaurants in the American southwest that serves Tepa burgers on their menus! Click here to find out more.

Bree: Sir Kensington’s Fabanaise, an egg free alternative to mayonnaise. I can honestly say I couldn’t taste the difference! Fabanaise has the same taste and consistency as regular mayo, but it’s made out of aquafaba (chickpea water) and sunflower oil. To learn more about what goes into Fabanaise (and what does not) click here!

Who was the most interesting speaker at the event? What did you learn from them?

Bree: Abel Charrow from Soylent. An idea of his that really stuck with me was, “start with the impossible and work your way backwards. Think of the one thing your really want to achieve, no matter how crazy and start thinking of ways to achieve that end goal”. As a growing blog, with large ambitions this was the kind of advice that I know we could take and run with it.

Arielle: Ariane Daguin, founder of D’Artagnan. I was on my way to get my third (fourth) cup of gelato, when the PR host turned me around and said to me “this is who you need to listen to, she is one tough broad and you’re going to learn something from her” and he wasn’t wrong. Listening to Madame Daguin was an interesting experience, from her thoughts about the food landscape in the United States to the ever changing world of social media and if it really has any tangible affect on business. She is definitely a strong leader and I could only hope to have a fraction of her success in my own business.


Overall this was an amazing opportunity for us and we are so grateful to all the organizers of Vegas Food Expo 2017 for letting us be a part of their awesome event. We would like to thank Flo, Brett, and Michael (aka Mr. Fancy) for all of their hospitality and to all the exhibitors we had the pleasure of interacting with.

Remember folks, anyone can enjoy amazing food and anyone can travel.


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