It’s Pronounced “Bro-de”, Bro: Our Day at The Broad

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On our most recent local adventure, we decided to head over to Downtown Los Angeles to soak up some culture and to take a look at one of the most popular art installations currently on display at The Broad Museum: The Infinity Room by Yayoi Kusama. Since we aren’t the most artistically inclined people, we knew that this trip would be a challenge and an eye-opening experience.

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Where did we go: The Broad Museum
221 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Click here to visit their website

Driving up, what did you think about the museum?

Bree: I thought it looked weird and new. The Broad is in a part of Downtown Los Angeles that I have not visited since I was a teenager so it was  random to see it there. The holes on the building made it look like a beehive with its honeycomb design. I thought it was very eye catching and made me excited to see what was inside. 

Arielle: I thought that The Broad looked right at home near the Walt Disney Concert hall and it was a nice contrast against the older buildings that surround the area. To be honest I was just happy that they had their own parking garage. Driving in Downtown Los Angeles is nerve racking, so I couldn’t really take too much time to sight see.

Do you like contemporary art?

Bree: I don’t really understand it. Its different from what you would expect to be called art. Not like Van Gogh  or Monet, its a lot to do with shapes and odd colors that are supposed to be subjective to what the viewer is thinking, or what the artist wants you to think if you read the description on the side. I guess its not my cup of tea, well some of them. I did enjoy the sculptures and the Warhol’s 

Arielle: That depends. Some of the art was a little too graphic for me, borderline vulgar for some pieces, but I would say that I enjoyed the third floor the most. It’s mostly pop art and very vibrant pieces as opposed to the more controversial art that was currently on display on the first floor.

What did you absolutely hate?

Bree: There were parts of the collection that I didn’t understand. I did not like some of the more modern, controversial pieces. The collection on the first floor was titled Creature, and to be honest the recurring themes of war, death, and just the strangeness of the art pieces were not my cup of tea. I wish I had taken the time to browse the artwork on The Broad’s website prior to arrival, because had I known, I may have avoided this collection all together.

Arielle: To say that I “hated” anything would probably make it seem like I couldn’t appreciate the collection, but there were definitely pieces that left my stomach churning after viewing them. I can appreciate the various artworks as forms of expression from the artists, but physically certain pieces made me feel ill, and most likely it seems as though a lot of the “darker” or even “menacing” pieces were made to elicit such a response. Not to come off as uncultured or naive, but for many of the “controversial” pieces, I just really didn’t understand what the artists were trying to express other than trying to repulse their audience. 

If you were to go back, what are you looking forward to seeing again?

Bree: The infinity room, hands down the best! Hate to sound cliche or repetitive but the room was an amazing experience. I got to experience the room with my two year old god-child and seeing their reaction made it 1000000 times better. Nothing like seeing the world with childlike wonder. 

Arielle: Definitely the Infinity Room. Even though you only get to see it for about a minute, it is extremely beautiful. This piece definitely lives up to it’s hype. We are hoping to return when more of Yayoi Kusamas’s work will be on display later this spring.

What tips would you give someone planning their visit to The Broad?

Bree: Check out the website in advance and plan your trip to be early in the day, the earlier you book your time, the better chance you have to view the infinity room. Free tickets are available on a first come-first serve basis on their website, but they only release tickets a month in advance. It would also make your life easier  if you planned other things to do in L.A. you are right in the middle of downtown, so plan to do more sightseeing other than The Broad.

Arielle: My biggest tip would be to NOT take small children, unless you bring plenty of entertainment. So many of the exhibits look as if they are supposed to be interactive, but they most definitely not. Also, during our visit the main exhibit on the first floor contained very graphic pieces of art. With my little one, it was a battle to keep him away from the art pieces. Even with our difficulties, my little one really enjoyed the Infinity Room and seemed to have a good time. Looking back I should have brought a stroller to make things a bit easier.

We had a great time visiting The Broad and we hope to have more adventures to the other attractions here in Los Angeles. If you would like to see pictures from our visit, head over to our Instagram!

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