Our 6 Theme Park Packing Essentials!

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When packing for a trip to a theme park, it’s easy to lose track of what is important and what can be left at home. From personal experience, I know that visiting theme parks can tend to make you want to over pack as to not end up having to pay for certain items in the theme parks. And while it may be tempting to pack everything but the kitchen sink, having to carry around a heavy bag all day is going to put a damper on what should be a fun time. So I put together a list of essentials that are always packed in my theme park bag.

A GOOD Backpack


Now I’m not saying that the backpack that you have had around since high school isn’t good for carrying around your stuff all day, but at a theme park you may want to go for something better suited for the environment. We recently bought a small backpack by Eagle Creek that we absolutely adore. It has padded shoulder straps, it’s rain resistant, the zippers are incredibly well made, it comes with a lifetime warranty(!!!), and it also compresses down to the size of a toiletry bag. When we saw it at the Los Angeles Travel Show, we knew it would be perfect for theme park and day trip travelers. If you want to check it out, click here to go to Eagle Creek’s website.



I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but sunscreen is often left behind or forgotten in hotel rooms because no one remembers that they are going to need to apply it multiple times throughout the day. In an amusement park, sunscreen is essential and gift shops within the parks up charge so much for it that it is practically worth it’s weight in gold. So we suggest bringing your own bottle, or even a stick in your back pack. While there may be portions of park ride lines that are indoors, for most of your day you will be walking and standing in direct sunlight and you will want your skin to be protected.

Comfortable shoes


I can’t even count how many times I have seen people wear ridiculously inappropriate shoes to walk around a theme park for an entire day. Even if the shoes either compliment an outfit or you’re trying to look nice for pictures, you want to make sure that you are prepared to be walking around all day. You don’t want to only get through half your day to find blisters all over your feet because you chose to be “fashionable”, instead of comfortable. I love wearing my TOMS canvas shoes whenever I’m visiting theme parks since they are nice and broken in, plus easy enough for me to clean up to look nice for any photos.

Reusable ponchos


In a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I got caught in a rainstorm and was so happy to have remembered to pack a good poncho! I recommend the Coleman Adult EVA Poncho because it’s reusable and doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a plastic bag over my clothes. For only $5 it beats having to buy one at the theme parks, where they can be as high as $13 for a flimsy piece of plastic that doesn’t last through an entire trip. Save your money for souvenirs that you can get more than one use out of. Even if there is no threat of rain for your theme park trip, we still recommend packing a poncho for water rides. That way you won’t have to worry about walking around soaked or have to pack a spare change of clothes.

Portable charger packs


Even though some theme parks offer charging stations for your phones or other electronic devices, you want to make sure that your phone or camera makes it through your entire day. Instead of having to waste time and money, packing your own portable charger like this solar powered charger from Amazon is a much better idea. Just clip it on the outside of your back pack and you will have a fully charged power bank by the time you need to plug in any of your other devices.

Reusable water bottles


Staying hydrated while visiting theme parks is important, but paying $4-$5 for bottled water gets expensive (especially during the summer months). Instead of buying single use bottles, carry a reusable water bottle with a built in filter, like this Brita water bottle. It helps with not having to carry a ton of water bottles around, gives you filtered water, and after a couple of days of traveling it practically pays for itself!

I hope my packing essentials give you a good idea of what you will need during any visit to a theme park and don’t forget to check out the other posts in our theme park series by clicking here!

As always my fellow travelers be open to adventure whenever it may come, and remember anyone can travel


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