And That is the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Our Experience at the 2017 Los Angeles Cookie Convention and Sweets Show.

Los AngelesCookie Con 2017I love social media; connecting with people, reading (sometimes fake) news, and being a part of such a bigger community. It’s social media that leads me to find the next and newest opportunities that make for awesome experiences. Which is exactly how I found our latest adventure, the 2017 Los Angeles Cookie Convention and Sweets Show.

Yes, there is an entire convention dedicated to COOKIES.

And in case you were wondering, this girl loves her some cookies. I was shocked to have never heard of all this deliciousness being housed under one roof, so I just had to check it out!

Over 200 vendors filled the halls at the Los Angeles Convention Center with offerings ranging from grandma’s secret recipes to gluten, nut, soy, egg, wheat, sugar free concoctions that must have been combined with some kind of sweet sorcery for how delicious they were. Savory beef jerky booths mingled in with the most teeth tingling fudge and around the corner, nitro cold brew was flowing on tap. A foodie paradise hidden among the sky scrapers of Downtown LA.

Throw in a couple celebrity appearances and you have yourself the makings of a pretty damn good weekend.

Holy Stomach Aches Batman!

Oh my goodness… my words as we walked into an entire convention hall filled to the brim with sweet treats. Not only for sale, but for our sampling pleasure. We sampled everything from fresh ice cream straight off the farms of central California to locally pickled cauliflower. And if you can look past the pickled cauliflower, the original bat mobile.

As a first time convention goer, I definitely made the mistake of sampling nearly everything that I was offered. While everything I tried was wonderful, I ignored how all the sugar was going to affect my body. My stomach was not my friend after day one of Cookie Con. I even debated not returning for day two, but I wasn’t going to let my weekend pass go to waste. With my mindset on talking to more people, and sampling less, I was ready to make the most out of day two.

Interesting food=Interesting People

The most fun that I had throughout Cookie Con was talking to the people behind the brand, the owners, the bakers, that were working the booths. We spent some time with Jim from Broadway Baker, a bakery based out of Culver City, California. They use locally sourced, organic ingredients in their goods. Jim spoke with passion about his grandmother’s recipes and the process of hand making all the delicious creations that they offer. We left the booth with a bag of treats to bring home, a deep appreciation for all the work that went into making them, and a plan to buy more delicious goodness in the future.

All that glitters isn’t gold-flake

While we may have had an awesome time chatting and sampling, not everything about our experience was all peaches and buttercream. For starters, we decided to pay more money to park at the convention center garage rather than walking about a block. It was a terrible mistake. After paying $20 to park, we weren’t able to actually maneuver through the garage levels. People were actually double (and triple) parking in areas that were obviously not designated for vehicles. After finally finding parking and heading into the convention center, we realized that there were actually 3 conventions going on at the same time! No wonder the parking lot was a nightmare.

Parking aside, the one thing that I couldn’t get over was how many businesses used the “hard sell” technique. I have never believed that this tactic works in any situation and most definitely didn’t work here either. It put a bad taste in my mouth when I would sample from a booth and I would be barked at to buy something or move on. I buy not only for myself but for my family, some of whom have nut and wheat allergies. So I cannot in good faith buy products without asking what ingredients are used to make them. It was definitely disheartening to have so many salty people at a sweets show. Even still, we left the show with more than our fair share of cookies and other goodies!

We will be back for you next year Cookie Con! And we will be ready for all the deliciousness that will await us!

As always my friends, always be open for the adventure and remember that anyone can travel.


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