The Two Most Important Travel Tips You’ll Ever Read

There are so many things that we worry about bringing with us while we travel. We worry about if we over pack, if we failed to pack enough, if our liquids bag is up to TSA standards, and so on and so on…

Even though these are perfectly understandable things to worry about, there are two things that too few travelers worry about traveling with. Things that I would say are much more important than a comfortable travel pillow or that amazing boost charger that you have been reading about on Amazon.

So to not leave you hanging in suspense any longer, here are the two things that every traveler should never leave home without.





Oh are you feeling mislead right now? Are you on the other side of the screen cursing me out right now because I’m not raving about that motorized luggage that you are just dying to have? Well that’s ok, but hear me out. So few travelers make it a point to travel with kindness, it’s actually shocking. Being a part of the travel and hospitality industry for the better part of a decade, I can assure you that the biggest complaint from other hospitality workers is the lack of kindness and respect that they encounter from guests.

And while this may seem like an issue only for the workers you encounter, it actually is an issue for you, the guest. Do you ever wonder why you always get put by the elevators or the ice machine no matter what hotel you stay in? Or why it seems like you have the rudest flight attendants and gate agents no matter what carrier you fly on? It’s because of one simple thing: Kindness.

This is such an important tip, because of its simplicity.

Being kind to those you encounter, especially when you are on vacation is the one thing that will separate you from everyone else. I am by no means a high roller, but I get better service than most others while traveling. Being especially kind to those working in the service industry, front desk agents, airline gate agents, will get you better service. Make yourself memorable for something pleasant; people will want to go out of their way for you, and they will do the things in their power to help you have the amazing trip that you were hoping for.

Common Sense

This one shouldn’t have to be a tip… but it is.

I would like to explain a little phenomena that seems to only happen while on vacation. I like to call it “vacation brain”, when you are so distracted by the sights and sounds of this new place, that you become unaware of nearly everything. Wallets, bags, kids, things that would normally never be out of arms reach, not even blip on the radar. Until something (or someone) is all of a sudden, missing.

With the trance broken by the appearance of reality, confusion begins to creep in. Why are these things happening? What happened to my money and family?  At this point, anger begins to take over. All my stuff is gone! My family left me behind! Why didn’t anybody look out for me?

Please I can not stress this enough, use common sense and stay on guard even if you’re in a “touristy” area.

There are plenty of people who make a living off of taking advantage of tourists. Whether it be pick pockets, con artists, or just people with questionable morals, do not let yourself be a target. I’m not advocating being paranoid of others around you, obviously that doesn’t lead to a very enjoyable vacation, but use the same amount of caution that you would use in your everyday life. Unless of course you lose your kids, cell phone, and wallet all the time, but obviously that is a completely different problem we don’t need to get into.

What do you think? Am I off base here? Leave it in the comments 🙂

Be safe, be kind, and remember anyone can travel.

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