Why You Should Try Traveling Locally


I bet you’re wondering what I mean by “traveling locally”. It almost sounds like it’s an oxymoron, traveling while at the same time never really going anywhere. What it really means is to travel around your area, to see things that you have never taken the time to go see, to explore what has always been around you. Like trying a restaurant that you have driven past 100 times and have never been able to try, or going to a museum that you never even knew was there.

Traveling now has become so attainable that more often than not, wanderlust makes one believe that they have to go off to the far reaches of the globe to actually feel like they are experiencing something new or exciting. When in reality, there are adventures just waiting to be had within a matter of maybe a few miles.

Living in Southern California opens up a lot of opportunities to see major attractions that people travel from across the world to see. Even with a slightly skewed perspective, I still feel like there is a way to get that feeling of travel fulfillment without needing a stamp on your passport.

Recently we moved to a new area of Southern California that neither my husband or I knew much about. The new city we live in is so small that we had actually never even heard of it before moving there, but it gave us the great opportunity to go out, explore, and have a few  adventures!

You can do this in your area too! Even if you live in a more rural area (I was raised in the middle of Southern California dairy country), I suggest finding an area nearby that you aren’t familiar with and looking to see if there is anything that peaks your interest.

Some ideas for what to look for could be as easy as:

  • Looking to see if your area has a farmers market.
  • Museums or art galleries are a great place to spend a couple of hours.
  • Look on yelp for restaurants and make a list of ones you want to try.
  • Nearly every city has a Facebook page. Look at it to see if there are any special events that the community puts on throughout the year.
  • Hiking trails, parks, and botanical gardens are great ways to try something new and get closer to nature.
  • If you live near a college, check out to see if the drama department is putting on any plays, usually they are a fun, inexpensive way to spend an evening.
  • Go stargazing if you are fortunate enough to not have tons of light pollution.

The best advice I was ever given when I started working in the hospitality industry was, Never stop exploring, explore your hometown as if you had never been anywhere like it before, and you will then understand what it is like to see the world through new eyes no matter where you go. 

How do you travel locally? In what ways are you able to fulfill your inner travel bug  between trips? Think I’m a complete nut job? Leave it in the comments.

As always, remember, anyone can travel.




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  1. We seem to ‘neglect’ our own “backyard” because we walk it (or drive it) every day. But have you ever wondered why people from other parts of the country or world come by to your neighbourhood? Because there are nuggets of travel gems to be found! We need to go and actuall see our own living environment!

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