Winter Airline Sales: When to Jump at the Right Deal

****UPDATE**** JetBlue brought this same sale back for another 2 days, January 10-11, 2017


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I love this sale!!! Every so often JetBlue has these two day sales, where you can get a really good deal. I always make sure that my return flight will be on the same promotion prior to booking and usually make out really well. This sale works out particularly well if you plan on visiting any theme parks during the upcoming “Shoulder season” before the crowds start going for spring break.

Let me just give an example of some great savings I have gotten from this sale: I was able to book the equivalent of a round trip ticket from Long Beach, Ca to Las Vegas, Nv  for less than $75 and I joined the JetBlue rewards program True Blue (not the credit card, just the free program) and earned 6 points for every dollar I spent. I ended up booking for my two travel companions (My husband and Bree) and ended up with enough points for a free flight!! So great deals like this can add up to a great deal in the future if you play your cards right 🙂


If you are wondering how I found out about this sale, or why these promotions seem a little  elusive, it’s because I follow JetBlue on social media platforms. I always suggest to follow airlines on whichever social media platform you use the most, that way whenever they have a promotion you won’t miss out.

Taking advantage of a great deal makes travel so much more attainable if you are on a strict budget. All it takes is a little flexibility and a ton of patience.

Remember guys, anyone can travel.


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