Anyone Can Travel…

This is the belief that springboarded me into becoming an active participant in the social media world. I didn’t feel like there was a real person out there showing people that travel could be attainable to anyone. Vloggers, bloggers, freelance writers showing their travels, but not how they were able to travel. Or only showing what credit cards to sign up for or which frequent flyer programs to join. But not actually reaching out and saying to the viewer, this is how to achieve your dreams of travel. I am a real person and these are the steps I take to make the most out of travelling.

So I decided to take a leap, to try and show what I wasn’t seeing for myself, The things I learned along the way, and to hopefully motivate anyone to travel.

I’m a married mom of a toddler, but I’m not a mommy blogger. I’m willing to find new ways to make money and super into saving money, but I’m not a finance blogger.

Who am I them? I’m Arielle of Bree and Arielle Travel. And I’m here to tell you that anyone can travel, even you.

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